Julia Chi Taylor

Mentor, Guide, Teacher & Healer

I work at the core level helping my clients move towards living with more peace, joy, creativity and fulfilment. I create a safe space for exploration to enable their development and growth.

I work in many different situations and transitions that occur in life. I help with healing and growth during challenging periods of pain, loss and unexpected change in any area of life, as well as helping with the process of moving through the confusion and distress that arises when life is not unfolding as was hoped. My work also encompasses the mentoring and guidance needed to facilitate times of expansion and looking towards new horizons.

I have a gift for seeing the energy of people and guiding them to unravel stuck areas so their energy flows freely to bring them to their wholeness, their truthfulness and brighter self expression.

I support my clients as they develop new skills, access their latent talents and find inner strengths they didn't know were there. Through the process of transpersonal work it is possible to know and understand oneself better, become self aware, whole and healed and so live fully and joyfully!

  • Systemic Counseling: For Individuals and Families
  • Imago Relationship Theory: Educator
  • UK Athletics Coach: With Advanced Mental Training
  • Healer: National Federation of Spiritual Healing

The Process

A sense of freedom emerges through clearing tension and pain, which will move you forward in all areas of your life with a deeper connection to the truth of who you really are.

Relationship is the foundation of all my work and the starting point towards more deeply satisfying relationships with others is our relationship with ourself.

We heal in connection; it is in understanding how to connect with who you truly are that allows for the possibility of authentic relationship with others and so a deeper experience of living with peace, joy and creativity.

Working with me

I live all over the world and consequently sessions with me take place in many different venues.

I am in the UK every few weeks, mainly in London, Devon and Eastbourne or Buxted, East Sussex for face to face work.

I run intensive programmes, usually abroad, where there is the possibility for clients to relax away from their usual lifestyle and concentrate more fully on their journey to wholeness. I can travel to a client and carry out work with them in their chosen venue.

To ensure continuity of the work, I carry out sessions with my clients via Skype or on the phone and through Email coaching.

I also host Zen Running retreats for groups and the details of any upcoming events will be on my site.

Guía y Sanación

My journey

Ever since I was young I have been able to see and sense what is going on within others, and so as it was natural that even as a teenager, I moved to work to help people to see themselves and live as they truly desire.

I have continued throughout my life to work at the deepest level, helping others to clear any pain from hurt in the past, to enable living free of anything blocking or holding them back in any area of their life.

People say they feel better just being with me, I have always been able to see the very soul of a person, and so I have been helping them to see themselves and become whole for the past forty years. I am described variously as mentor, healer, teacher, therapist, counsellor, guru, friend, coach. Sometimes just 'I go to see Julia'!

My biggest commitment is to the ongoing clearing within myself. This is the foundation of all I do. Because it follows that the clearer I am, the clearer the mirror I can hold up for you to see yourself in.