Working with Julia

The work takes place face to face or on Skype.

I work from London.

The length of sessions and frequency is planned with each client and I often work intensively with clients for a day or more at a time to help deepen the process.

My journey

Ever since I was young I have been able to see and sense what is going on within others, and so the work found me, when as a teenager people started to seek my guidance.

From then onwards, I have continued throughout my life to work at the deepest level, helping others to clear any pain from hurts in the past, to enable them live free of anything blocking or holding them back in any area of their life, or from being present in the here and now.

I have always been able to see the very soul of a person, and this has meant that for over forty years, people have been seeking me out to help them see for themselves who they truly are, and so to heal deeply and to become whole.

I am described variously as mentor, healer, teacher, therapist, counsellor, guru, coach. Sometimes just 'I go to see Julia'!

My biggest commitment to my work, is to the ongoing clearing within myself.

This is the foundation of all I do.

It follows that the clearer I am, the clearer the mirror I can hold up for you to see yourself in.